Why we headed into #TheGreatIndoors

This is not a normal Tuesday morning.

It’s 9am and my family of five are assembled in jogging bottoms, shorts and t-shirts in front of a workout video led by my son’s PE teacher, broadcasting from his garage. We lunge and stretch, occasionally knocking books from the shelf and nudging into each other.

The cat doesn’t like this one bit. At this hour, she normally has the house to herself. She gives us a distasteful look then dashes into the kitchen and out through the cat-flap.

We’re still getting used to new arrangements brought on by the coronavirus crisis – but one thing’s clear: having a nine year old, a twelve year old and a fifteen year old in the house twenty four hours a day, seven days a week will take some readjustment.

Adjusting to the new world

My eldest daughter was in the middle of her GCSEs when the news came that school was over and her exams weren’t happening. It took some time for it to sink in that she wouldn’t be wearing her school uniform ever again and would simply be issued with her grades.

Fortunately, things have fallen rapidly into place. She’s carrying on her violin lessons using Zoom with her music teacher and my son, Noah, has a basketball hoop out the back to burn off excess energy (as well as a long list of homework assignments to get on with from his school).

But there’s still an awful of day to fill. That’s where Scouts’ #TheGreatIndoors comes in so handy.